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Education abroad with "Lingua Planet"

    The main sphere of activities of “Lingua Planet” Company is educational consulting in the field of International Education.

    Our partner Educational Providers offer a wide range of programmes:

-      year-round and holiday language courses for Junior and Adult Students;

-      preparation courses for exams- IELTS, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, DELE, DELF, DALF, DSH, CAPLE, GMAT, GRE;

-    University preparation programmes - Foundation, A-Level, International Baccalaureate, Leaving Certificate, Selectividad, French Baccalaureate;

-      secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate education;

-      home-tuition programmes all over the world. 

    Our partners are Educational Providers which have an impeccable international reputation and provide the highest standards of teaching, a large variety of courses, quality accommodation, and effective system of student support as well as extra services.  We cooperate with Education Providers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, etc.

 We provide our clients with the following services:

  • consulting and assistance in choosing an appropriate programme;
  • structural and detailed plans to be enrolled in the programme;
  • booking the programme and payment control;
  • monitoring the study process of our students;
  • visa support;
  • booking of  transfers, tickets, hotels, etc.


   “Lingua Planet” is a united team of competent specialists. On a regular basis we visit our partner Educational Providers abroad and participate in training sessions and presentations of Educational Centres and Embassies in order to be able to help our clients choose the most suitable Educational Institution and programme as well as to be in the know of all the visa rules changes.

   For prospective students and their parents we arrange consulting sessions with representatives of Educational Institutions in our office.

  We will be happy to help you make your education abroad dreams come true, relying on our rich experience in the field of International Education.

  We wish you every success in achieving your goals!

With the best regards, "Lingua Planet" Team.